Donors and volunteers give despite stress

The thought of a needle going in your arm may seem unpleasant at first, but that little bit of pain can create a great outcome in the long run.

Giving blood can seem very unpleasant at first, but once someone realizes some of the benefits of donating blood, they may realize how it can change someone’s life.

“I give blood because its a nice thing to do, and I feel accomplished after,” said senior Matt Skogstad.

They whole thought of giving blood may leave someone disinterested, but the award for doing so is worth the discomfort.  “I got interested in giving blood because I like helping people and lets me feel like I am making a difference,” said Skogstad.

Blood donation is one of the great ways to help people in need, and it also allows someone to try new things.  “I like how giving blood feels cool, and how it makes me feel more important,” said Skogstad.

Blood drives can be a great way to participate in volunteering, however organizing a blood drive can be difficult.  “Some struggles of the blood drive is the set up and contacting different businesses about the blood drive,” said senior Maria Lee.

“Helping with the blood drive can be stressful at times, but it was a great volunteering opportunity,” said Lee

External and internal rewards come from giving blood, to getting pizza afterwards to the warm feeling of knowing you are helping someone.  “Giving blood is a great opportunity to give back to people that are in need of something,” said Lee.

With the pros about giving blood there is always a con to it to.  Volunteers for the blood drive know that sometimes giving blood can cause discomfort and dizziness.  However the group of volunteers work with people so they can be as comfortable as possible, by providing food and comfortable blood donation beds.

A lot of expenses can go into setting up a blood drive.  In order to get people to come to the blood drive the volunteers have to put signs and different types of advertising around the town and school.  This can become very costly for the Red Cross, especially for a non-profit organization.

“Giving blood allows someone to help others in need, even if you don’t know them, and is an easy way to give back to people,” said Skogstad.