Tennant wraps up skating career

Fourteen years after taking her first step on the ice at the age of three, Kayla Tennant is finally stepping off the ice once and for all.

“I am really going to miss just being able to skate and do my own thing,” said Tennant.

Although her future plans are going to WTC in Black River Falls and doing the physical therapy program to become a PT assistant, then later coaching for the Black River Falls Figure Skating Club, she will be greatly missed within the club (BRFFSC).

Tennant was involved in many different groups of the BRFFSC, from basic lessons to anything beyond she did it all.

“I was involved in the Eau Claire competition, Badger State Games competition. I was involved with the synchronized skating team for four years, and I was in private lessons for eight years,” said Tennant.

Practice makes perfect, and with a lot of experience under her belt that quote is something Kayla could definitely agree with.

Without coaches within any activity, things could go wrong very quickly. They are there to help guide those who need guidance.

“They helped me by teaching me to do things right rather than wrong, I‘m pretty sure that if I would have taught myself I would have done a lot of things wrong,” said Tennant, laughing.

Coaches were a big part of Tennant’s fourteen-year-long skating career, they lead her through step by step helping her get things done right.

Close friendships were made for Tennant throughout her skating career, sophomore Kaitlyn Noggle seemed to be one of her best.

“Kaitlyn and I have been skating together ever since we started skating. We do everything together. If one of us wasn’t at skating for a night, things just weren’t the same,” said Tennant.

Building such an inseparable bond between each another, skating built a friendship that is not about to end.

“Just because she’s not on the ice as much, that doesn’t change our relationship. She’s still my best friend,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Noggle.

Skating takes a lot of concentration and devotion to be at the ice arena at least three times a week, and Tennant was always there.

Preparing for the ice show every year in March is what the Black River Falls Figure Skating Club looks forward to the most throughout the year.

“It’s definitely hard. You have to learn so many programs, but I’d have to say just skating in it is the best part,” said Tennant.

Memories are made a lot throughout high school, strong memories which will be remembered even passed high school.

Noggle and Tennant have been skating together ever since they both stepped foot on the ice at a very young age, making it very easy for great memories to be made.

“I’m never going to forget staying with Kayla at competitions and cheering each other on,” said Noggle.

“I’ll never forget when Kaitlyn and I stayed in a hotel room alone and we were up at two in the morning jumping on the bed. Mariah Jessie was in the hotel, too, and she had to call us to tell us to stop because we were being so loud,” said Tennant.

Skating is a huge part of Tennant’s life, so stepping off the ice completely is really not an option just yet.

Looking forward to coaching in her future with the Black River Falls Figure Skating Club, carrying on her tricks to success with those younger than her is a goal to be reached.

“I will miss just being able to skate my own way. Coaching will at least allow me to keep skating, it will be fun to teach younger skaters what my coaches taught me,” said Tennant.