Prom moved to middle school gym

Prom every year at Black River Falls has always generally been the same. ‘Same’ being that it has always been held in the high school gym, where all of the dances are held.

“All of our dances are in the small high school gym because it’s the only gym that’s safe if there’s a fire or something,” said sophomore Mackenzie Quackenbush.

There are three gyms between the high school and the middle school; two in the high school and one in the middle school. Most high school events are held in the high school, but even this year for spring sports the schedule is different times and different places. Therefore, the students in middle school and have had to share. It’s the same for prom this year, since it will be held at the middle school.

“The middle school gym is pretty big, so its gonna be kind of hard to decorate and its going to be very spacey,” said sophomore Sierra Peterson.

It is going to be quite a bit of a difference than prom last year, though. The west gym is smaller than the middle school gym, so it could either go two ways; the students will enjoy the extra space or, they could prefer it in the high school as normal. Some students could also not mind where it is held.

“I feel like having it in the middle school is not a good idea. It’s too much to decorate I feel and it’s just kind of tradition to have it at the high school,” said Peterson who is attending her second year of prom.

With safety in mind, the school feels this change would also be more fun for the students, too. It will give them a new experience and more space.

“I’m kinda excited its in the middle school but its a lot of room so i don’t know if its going to be too big or whatever but it should be fun!” said junior Miranda Jessie.