Health and Wellness Day offers options


Wellness signups are taking place in Moodle.

On April 12, the high school is having a health and wellness day. Students must sign to get into the sessions they would like.  Health and Wellness Day is a full day of different activities that will teach the students about fun ways of being a healthier person.

Discovering New Healthy Foods

Watching what you eat is a solid way to becoming a healthier person. However, healthier foods are not always the best tasting and tend to be more expensive. One of the sessions is Discovering New Healthy Foods.

“In this session, we’re going to have different healthy food items, and were basically going to eat,” said teacher Molly Moseley.

Trying new things is very important in living a healthy lifestyle.

“I recommend this to students who are more picky eaters and would like to try different foods they normally do not eat,” said Moseley,

Pilates and Yoga

Being stressed can be very hard on your mind and body. In one of the sessions is a yoga and pilates class. Yoga and pilates can relax a person and strengthens a person at the same time.

“In this session I’ll teach students exercises that can help strengthen and relax their bodies,” said teacher Jenny Rukavina.

Yoga and pilates works at your own pace, and allows you to try things you’re comfortable with.

“One of the best things about yoga is it helps you relax, people work at their own pace, and they achieve personal goals,” said Rukavina.

“Yoga and pilates can help a person become a healthier and more relaxed person,” said Rukavina.

Smoothies with Probiotics

Healthy eating choices aren’t always the tastiest choice. In Smoothies with Probiotics students will be making tasty, healthy smoothies.

“Students will learn healthy options for breakfast and how probiotics help with a healthy digestive system,” said teacher Tina Gilbertson.

Students will be trying their own combos of smoothies with their favorite fruit. This session can be an adventure for people who would like to try new things.