Focus Move: Explore our options

I think we should have focus more than once in every school day. Having one focus every day is good, but many people complain about wanting the focus to be moved to the beginning of the day.

“I wish that we could have it before first hour so that I can do the homework I forgot to bring home,” said sophomore Dylan Chown.

There’s always two sides to every argument, you can’t make everyone happy. sophomore Mitchel Gjerseth seems to disagree with any changes.

“The focus right now is fine to me, I don’t like bring home homework to do, so I do it during focus,” said Mitchel.

I believe there are three sides of this argument, I agree to both of their thoughts about focus, but it would be even better to have two foci. During a focus, Assistant Principal Jason Janke discussed an idea of taking about 10 minutes out of each class and using it as a study time, other words, an extra focus. He continued to explain a huge change that may occur.

His idea was to take out the focus at the end of the day, and move that one to the beginning. If people need to do homework, they would come to school on time for that focus, but if you did not need it, you would come before your first class. That was the thought, but it could be an additional senior privilege. The second change was to make our lunches into only two lunch periods instead of three; the periods would be extended. Lunch periods would be around an hour, allowing kids to take their time eating and to work on any homework they have. A positive for this is that seniors would have extended senior privilege. This is where most the time taken from each class is put.

“What about the kids who have to ride the bus?” you may ask. All problems are not solved yet, but the original idea is that you would go at the normal time, attending the morning focus.

I do not mind having having focus in the morning or having it at the end of the day; I just like the idea of having more time to do our homework. This way of having foci would be most beneficial to the athletes and students that work. Although we already have a whole day to do our homework, some may still run into problems like sport events or your boss asks you to stay extra hours.

Having two foci may lighten the load of the school and faculty, also.  By having two lunches, it would get rid of second lunches; allowing all teachers to have a full class without having lunch interrupt any plans that require the students to focus, like tests and projects. I consider this very good because now teachers may place their class at any time of the day without worrying.