Focus Move: Keep Focus at the end

The administration is discussing whether they should keep it at the end of the day or switch to the morning. We should keep focus at the end of the day.

The school should keep the focus time the same because the students get the homework during the day, and then they can work on their homework while the information is still fresh in their minds. They can get what they can done, and then they have all night to finish the homework. They do not have time afterwards if the time is in the morning.

If the school has focus in the morning, students may underestimate how long their homework may take. Then their homework may not get finished. There is no time after for students to complete the assignment. Also, it will be a full night since the student got the information from the teacher. That is a long enough time for students to forget what was taught to them.

Waking up in the morning for students can be the hardest part of their day. It would be hard for people to get up and come in and do quality homework. Mornings are a sluggish time for students and needing to do homework will just add a lot of stress on them.

Having focus period at the end of the day is the best choice because no one would have to change or adjust their schedules. It would all stay the same. Students would not know any other way to complain about which is better. No one in the school complains about what time focus is.

If we had to change our focus period to the morning people would not mind if they were older because they could sleep in. Their grades might change because of that, they won’t have the extra time to finish the homework. The students that leave the school would not have time afterwards to go to a specific teacher to ask a question.

The best thing that the school could do is keep focus the way it is. It would make much more sense to the people who have already been on this schedule for three or four years. The right time to try to do it would have been at the beginning of the school year when everyone switched over to the A/B schedule.