Pope should accept gay adoption

Pope Francis, the new pope, has expressed his views on same sex adoption. He feels that it is not the right way of building a family. He does not agree with abortion, either. So, when parents have the baby and make an adoption plan, same sex couples are not able to adopt it because of their life choices. The same sex couple could be a better home for the child, but the pope feels that it is wrong.

If it is a better home for the child, the same sex couple should be able to adopt. It should be more about the home that the child would be living in than if the couple is traditional or nontraditional. If the parents of the child are religious or not, it could depend on the home life of the child. It’s not that the other option would be terrible. If people are willing to adopt they must be pretty good people and willing to treat the child as its own.

Same sex couples are not going to be able to have a child. If both of the partners want to have a child, then they should be able to adopt a child and give it a better home.