DoNow Blog: Pope Prioritizing Issues?

The selection of a new pope is very widely publicized. Especially since this new Pope is the first South-American Pope, it leaves some people wondering: what other changes is the church going to make? Is the church going to be forced to change their views on controversial topics such as gay marriage or abortion?

The Pope has spoken clearly against gay marriage, gay adoption, abortion and ordaining women as priests, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the church will not change. It may not be on these important issues, but there will be change.

The world expects the Pope to follow less controversial issues such as ‘peace, optimism, and the poor,’ reports Huffington Post. I believe that he should stop worrying about just the poor and start taking action on the big, religious battles.

Pope Francis was supposedly a religious minority supporter, but refuses to support the non-religious or the religious that go against church rules. Based on Christian values of generosity and helping fellow man, he is not being a good pope.  Though he hasn’t been in the Papal position for long, it seems as if his issues are not prioritized.

People should view the Pope as a fair, generous, and wise man. He is not being fair to the people being religiously persecuted, he is not being generous to these people, and I don’t think that it is a wise decision to completely reject a concept before exploring true values.