DoNow Blog: Pope should uphold traditions

 My opinion is that even though the Catholic church has elected a new pope, the ways of the Catholic church should not change.

Pope Francis is the first South-American pope to ever be elected into the Pope position. He may have different views on some of the issues concerning gay marriage and abortion, but he is still Catholic, and we believe that abortion is a sin, and very wrong.

 The ways of the church have been in place ever since it was created. The church has the rules the way they are because it is the ways of The Lord and the Bible.

The rules and ways of the churh were not picked out of thin air; they are ways of God. And although we don’t know of the changes Pope Francis has in store for the Catholic Church, we will eagerly be awaiting.

A new pope may bring a few changes, being a Catholic myself, I believe that the ways of the Catholic Church should not change.