Flick, Cloud, Smith earn all-state honors

After taking to the ice together for 11 years, three seniors–Anissa Flick, Lydia Cloud, and Riley Smith–earned All-State recognition for hockey.

Starting the sport early prepared them for high school play.

“I started playing hockey when I was three years old, and I fell in love with the game. I always wanted to be the best I could be and commitment was necessary,” said Smith.

“My uncle signed me up when I was five and I haven’t stopped since,” said Cloud.

Being seniors, it was their last year to play high school hockey. They will never play together again. There is a lot for all three girls to miss.

“I will miss not being able to play with all the girls ever again,” said Flick.

“Knowing that I will never play with the group of girls I learned to play hockey with and have become so close to,” said Smith.

Playing hockey for most of their lives gave them love for the sport. Playing with the same people for many years brought them together.

“My favorite part about playing with those two is that they understand the game and were willing to commit 100% effort all the time,” said Smith.

Each girl has plans after high school. All three have plans of going to college.

By Nathan Slenczcka

“I plan to attend UW-Stevens Point to be a special education teacher and trying out for the hockey team,” said Flick.

Also looking to be a teacher, Riley Smith plans on going to UW-Eau Claire to become an elementary teacher.

“I will be playing hockey and softball for Marian University and majoring in biology then eventually into physical therapy program,” said Cloud.

As much as they do not want to separate and not play together, it was the last year that they could play together. They have had many memories together. There have been 11 years for the girls to create memories.

“I will never forget my last game I played with the girls,” said Cloud.

In the future all of the girls are qualified to be hockey coaches. “I could maybe coach for the younger levels,” said Flick.