FCCLA rushes regionals

Almost being able to hear the splash of the waterpark, multiple FCCLA groups focused on the goal of getting to the Kalahari for state competition. But, hours away from competing in FCCLA regionals, members hustled to finish their projects.

“We had quite a while to do this, but we kept pushing it off,” said freshman Ashley Derus.

Staying after school and utilizing every minute possible, multiple groups worked furiously at their computers to complete their projects. Most groups needed to produce a portfolio and also a display of some sort, like a tri-board.

“Before, when FCCLA got canceled the first time, we spent hours after school for like a whole week,” said sophomore Mitchel Gjerseth.

These projects, chosen by the competitors themselves, required a series of tasks and evidence in front of judges.

Freshmen Alisanne Dunneisen and Ashley Derus worked together alongside a few other girls in the same grade. Their project was parliamentary procedure, a task that requires you to use business-like manners and hold a meeting to discuss important topics.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, March 7, the freshmen girl’s team fell short from moving on.

“We really tried our best, I just wished we didn’t make those little mistakes,” said Dunneisen.

On March 9, the other half of the FCCLA group headed to Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau to wait for the fate to be sealed.

“Christian and I stayed up all night to complete our project. We made a rap to promote FCCLA,” said sophomore Tushawn Adams.

Competing in the same category as sophomores Jacky Lin and Mitchel Gjerseth, both groups could only hope for the best.

“I really want both of us to move on and have a good time at state,” said Gjerseth.

After both teams presented, the wait continued, but,  by the end of the day, one team eventually moveed on. That team was Adams and Moreno.

With the teams narrowed down, the process began again. All teams need to improve their projects and get ready for a new group of judges at the state competition in April.