Dancing their way through a season

Dance Team Beat PicWith all of our winter sports already kicked off, there’s the question of how each of our seasons have been going.

Our BRFHS dance team has had more than three performances and according to some of the dancers it has been going very well during practices and performances and out.

“My favorite thing about dance team is learning new dances or making the dances and performing them…since competition is over we got rid of all our stress and we are all just getting more comfortable with each other and the dances,” said sophomore Kyleigh Nandory.

“The farther we get into the season the more we get to know each other and the more comfortable we get around each other…the pre-game parties we get ready together at someone’s house, doing our hair and makeup and getting ready for our performance,” said sophomore Kasey Kopp.

“It’s a lot of girl-time and it’s a lot of fun to spend so much time with each other in practice as well as out,” said Kopp.