Girls basketball team aims high

After seeing these girls play, people who say, “You play like a girl,” will be saying, “You play like a guy.”  The girls basketball team is a fierce group of girls who strive for excellence.  Coached by Tom Leadholm, the varsity team is known for their teamwork and chemistry.

The girls never give up on their goals and they will not let anything stand in there way.  “We have had a rough start and haven’t won, but hopefully we will change that,” said junior Haylee Johnson.  Basketball has been lacking popularity in the community, but the girls team is hoping to change that as the season goes on.

The girls hope to improve as a team more than anything . “In order to improve our skills, we need to start playing with intensity and work harder on the court,” said Johnson.

The girls say they not only need to play harder–they need to work harder, too.  “In order to improve we need our team to have better shooting percentages and get the ball into the post more,” said sophomore Jenny Malchow.

The team as a whole have very good relationships with one another.  “All the girls on the team are pretty nice, and we usually have a good time,” said Johnson.

The girls not only want to improve as a team, but they also want to improve as players.

“I want to be more aggressive,” said Malchow.

Many younger players are in the girls basketball program this years, but that doesn’t stop these girls from losing confidence.  “It’s a little intimidating to be one of the younger girls, but the older girls really help me out and are really encouraging,” said Malchow.

Malchow has high hopes for the rest of the season and it hoping for constant improvement of her team.

Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of team effort and a strive to play the game.  That is what our girls basketball is doing on and off the court.  Winning isn’t always the number one priority for this group of girls–it is having fun and working harder and harder each time they play.  The girls want more support for their team and to show the community their hard work.