Person of the day: Bryce Kopp

Person of the day: Bryce Kopp

Bryce Kopp, Person of the DayBryce Kopp is the person of the day! Don’t let the sir name confuse you, he’s not an officer, but just a student here at the high school, and a senior to be more specific at that.

High school has always been something Kopp enjoyed, but there are some aspects he could do without.

“It’s been alright. I don’t ever enjoy the homework but being with friends and family, football family I should say. It’s real nice, a good place to be,” said Kopp.

High school can be fun even with homework, but this will only be one of Kopp’s careers during life.

In most high school careers we all have something we are proud of, accomplishments we can hang on the wall or over the fireplace of our homes.

“Well, being selected for Badger Boys State, that was pretty neat–there’s only three guys in our whole class who have done that, and sports,” said Kopp.