School nutrition program adds healthier choices


Kjell Bakken on LunchSchool lunches withstand many critics and are always changing.  Schools are constantly trying to change the lunch program to have more variety and healthier food.  Our school’s goal is to achieve these goals and our lunch ladies have been working hard and trying new things in order to.

Some people have criticisms about the school lunch program.

“We should have healthier food and more of it so we can eat more and not snack later,” said junior Sam Barnum.  Some people go as far as not eating school lunch at all and Black River Falls is trying to change people’s opinion of the lunch.

The school lunch program is trying to add healthier choices to the lunch menu.

“Were going to start adding more grain grain products, and more of a variety with dark greens and fruit choices,” said cook Pam Smetana.  The school also wants to have buy from local farms and companies.

The school has changed there lunch program since last year.  They started to incorporate more healthy choices, but students have noticed that there is less of lunch with this change.  Students are worried that they are having to pay more for less lunch.

“No, I don’t like the changes–we need to have more bread,” said junior Kjell Bakken.

Some students have been unhappy with the food cuts and not seeing their favorite lunch on the menu anymore.  “I miss when we use to have cinnamon rolls, and chicken patty on a bun,” said Bakken.

In tough economic times people may worry about the cost of school lunch.  “For how much I pay I feel like I should get more food,” said Barnum.

The nutrition staff is trying to make the quality and quantity of the food better, while still maintaining a healthy lunch.

In school lunches, students say they tend to become sick of seeing the same thing every other day.

“We need less chicken and more fish and red meat,” said Bakken.  The lunch ladies are trying to put more of a variety of food in our lunch menu so they can make everyone happy.

The nutrition staff is also trying to solve the problem of not everyone being full after they eat by making more food on the garden bar.  In the garden bar you can find a variety of fruits and vegetables.  You can also make a healthy salad to finish off your meal.