TABO and TATU: Training Students Right

Students at BRFHS help younger students by training them on the use of tobacco, along with the consequence of bullying in our area. Teens Against Bullying Others (TABO), works specifically toward teaching elementary school students the true pain words create. Where on the other hand, Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) focus on teaching the negative outcome of tobacco use in younger generations.

“I feel like kids get our message, TATU teaches the negative outcomes of tobacco use, ” said sophomore Elijah Parker.

“Students that we train in TABO learn not to judge people by the way that they look or act. We also teach them ways to avoid being a bystander in uncomfortable situations,” said junior Brittany Zillmer.

According to Mayo Clinic, teens already dealing with stress, bullying can worsen their mental health. In some cases this can lead to suicide or suicidal behavior. Amanda Todd is one such case–before her suicide she posted a video as her goodbye to those who had hurt her.

Alcohol also has a huge impact on teens. According to the Wrecked video on, students start drugs either because of peer pressure or because they don’t know the negative outcome. The outcome can either be a close call of death, or death itself. For some, this isn’t enough reality to quit.

Our TABO and TATU programs here at BRFHS contain good lessons that benefit our students. By helping them better understand the negative effects of unnecessary things, TABO and TATU will stick around for years to come.

by Hanna