If I were principal for the day: Mackenzie Quackenbush


If sophomore Mackenzie Quackenbush’s were principal for the day, school would be pulsing to the beat of hallway music and bread would be plentiful in the cafeteria.

Quackenbush would focus on five items.

“First thing I would do would be to ditch the A/B schedule.”

“Then, I would play music in the hallways during passing. Justin Bieber? I think yes. But I would also take requests….maybe”

“Lunch. I know that that’s a big deal for everyone and there have been a lot of complaints. I’m really feeling more white bread!”

“Let’s not forget the privilege areas. There should be more things for the other students on privilege to do!”

Her last change would make a significant impact on student governance.

“I also think that we should give the students more power. They should have a say in their education. I also think that the students should get more freedoms. I’m not saying that they don’t have enough privileges already, but even more would be nice.”

by Lauren Harkner