10 Sites to help you with school


Students can have a hard time studying and finding time to study.  Students are trying to find more tools to help there study experience.  On the internet you can find many useful tips and tools that can help you study.

  1. Brainify will help you find the best academic websites, and allows you to connect to other students to give and get help with your questions.
  2. wePapers allows you to look up and share notes for what you find interesting.
  3. ePals allows you to connect with other people in chat and discuss websites that you find useful and what they find useful.
  4. Uloop helps you connect with colleges and get information from the colleges and shows great educational offers.
  5. Studyblue  and Quizlet are  great sites for online flash cards.
  6. Teachertube is a great site with fun educational videos.
  7. Math.com is a great way to practice and learn math with helpful tools and guides.
  8. Periodic Table of the Elements helps you brush up for Chemistry class.
  9. SOS Math has thousands of free resources to help you out if you run into a problem when your teacher isn’t available.
  10. A long list of grammar and writing resources for high school students on this page can help you study for that grammar test or write your latest paper.