HS Survival: Get your sleep, eat breakfast

There are a lot of things many things that high school students must keep track of, like eight classes worth of homework, making time for friends and extracurricular activities. These time-consuming activites can be a lot of burden to carry, so some students lose sleep and ignore the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

Senior Delaney Skelding believes she does get enough sleep even though she lives an active life. “Yeah, I do think I’m getting enough sleep because I go to bed relatively early like at 10:00 or 10:30. Then, I usually get up early and get ready for school.”

Activities aren’t the only thing keeping teens up at night: handheld devices that allow access to the web is also a big distraction.

Skelding believes that there are a lot of distractions today that keep students from getting enough sleep and participating in the most important meal of the day. “Because there are so many things to keep you up like TV and Facebook, so it’s easy to stay up late.”

Some students may like or have a Facebook and others don’t. Others may like video games.

Sophomore Matt McClin is also a student who is also affected by the being distracted from not getting enough sleep because of  his Xbox “There’s this whole bunch of new stuff, like new xbox games coming out.”

While there are tensions between teens and getting into a healthy sleeping and eating habit. There are experts on these issues to help.

Advisor Shawn Moretti is the health educator here at the high school and he knows a thing or two about breakfast and sleeping.

“Tips I think would be to get information. I think it’s important to understand knowledge is power really with anything, in terms of eating and stuff like that and again being prepared ahead of time.  For breakfast I make sure I have the necessary things to eat,” said adviser Shawn Moretti.

So in order to make sure you have a good mornings breakfast make sure you think ahead and have good breakfast food on hand. Then, plan for a good night’s sleep.

“In terms of sleeping at night, [think about] winding down at a proper time like not watching T.V while you go to bed. A lot of times that light tends to stimulate a sleep pattern a little bit differently,” said Moretti.

Being involved can also help someone stay on track because you need certain things like sleep when you’re involved in sports or extracurricular activities.

“I think being involved in other thing helps a lot, too, because we tend to pay a little bit more attention to how we behave like a sport or a particular commitment,” said Moretti.