School store opens in expanded location

School store opens in expanded location

The school store, The Tiger’s Den, has transformed into something much bigger, literally. It’s not about a group of students pushing around a little cart filled with goodies anymore.

“We’ve planned to expand the school years ago but we couldn’t find a room or funds to pay for it,” said teacher Tina Gilbertson.

The school store that was once operated from a little cart is now transferred to an expansive room.

The upgraded location means a larger variety snacks and drinks. The store currently has a wide variety of food from candy bars, hot foods like pizza, and a new 100% fruit juice for only one dollar. They also have BRF clothing and its managers are planning to sell school supplies sometime in the near future.

“I really like the new store, it has a lot more variety. I like how they sell pizza almost everyday and it tastes really good! I buy it every time!” said senior Martin Roundstone.

“Their real fruit drink is really good! I still can’t believe it’s 100%. Well worth your dollar,” said sophomore Matt LaFaunge.

Tina Gilbertson is not only a teacher, but also one of proud advisers of the Tiger’s Den. She plans to make more changes to the store, including another window where students may look into the store and purchase goods.

by Jacky Lin