Tiger Investment Club: Get involved


There are different clubs for all kinds of people. If you enjoy investing money into the stock market, the Tiger Investment Club is for you.

The club meets once a week on Tuesdays.

“We check the portfolio to see what stocks are up or down, next we discuss possible stocks to invest in, and at the end we talk with new members,” said the president Darin Niemi.

In the beginning the club starts with $85,000 of real money. The original money was donated from the community and has been built up.

With $85,000 you can buy a lot of stocks, but the club does not invest all of the money. When the club is doing well they do a lot for the school and community.

“In the past they have bought basketball warm ups, cabinets in the office, and the solar panel outside of the school,” said Niemi.

“New members are always welcome, we would like to see more girls join the club,” said Niemi.

To be in the club you do not need to have taken economics. Contact adviser Kris Wrobel for further information.