5 Questions With: Alex and Lisa

TABO, a program aimed at stopping bullying at Black River Falls High School, is spreading to Alma Center Lincoln. Americore student Alex and Together for Jackson County Kids project director Lisa Listle are helping students at Lincoln to start their own TABO group.


Why has TABO been moved to Alma Center?

Because we felt it was a very good idea, a lot of schools have speakers, and often times it is easier for students to listen to students. Also, Monica Lobenstein had written a grant to help TABO spread to other schools.

Are kids getting involved in Alma Center?

There are about ten dedicated students in Alma Center. I feel that they are just as enthusiastic as those here in BRF.

Do you feel students really care about TABO, and helping fight bullies?

Yeah, because that’s why they join the group. Lincoln TABOers  have shared some similar stories about bullying as my students here.

How do you feel about TABO?

I LOVE TABO! I love to know that kids care about what is happening around them, and want to get involved by letting me hear  their awesome ideas!

Do you feel TABO will make a difference in both BRF, and Alma Center?

I feel that it will. Since last year we have already gained more students, word is getting around. Also, we are hoping to soon spread to Melrose, too.

Lisa Listle

Why was TABO started?

Because there was a suicide here in BRF related to bullying. A group of kids approached us and asked if we could start a group against bullying.

Do you feel the meaning of TABO is reasonable? Why?

Yes, because it teaches kids about bullying and how to stand up for others that may be being bullied.

Do you feel Alma Center is just the start of the spread of TABO?

Yes, because we are hoping to go to Melrose-Mindoro and maybe even Blair Taylor.

How did you approach Alma Center to get TABO approved?

A coworker and I went and spoke with the new principal over there.

What does TABO stand for?

Teens against bullying others.

by Hanna