5 Questions With: Mr. Wrobel


You may know him for his tricky Tuesdays and great musical talents. Social Studies teacher Kris Wrobel is a world history and economics teacher in our building. He runs Tiger Investment Club, a group that invests in stocks for our school to buy things.

He may be good at magic tricks, but don’t go asking him to make your homework disappear.

Paw Print: What made you decide on becoming a teacher?

Wrobel: There wasn’t one single thing that made me decide on becoming a teacher. During my teenage years I started working at camps and that’s when I knew that I loved to work with people and the teaching aspect of the camps made me decide on becoming a teacher.

PP: What makes history so interesting?

Wrobel: History explains everything. It’s everyone’s story.

PP: You have displayed your many talents. What would you choose… magician or musician?

Wrobel: I would play the guitar while doing magic tricks. That would be what I want.

PP: Have you ever thought of becoming a professional Magician?

Wrobel: Ahh… when I was little. Now I have grown out of that but I still enjoy doing my mini magic shows for the class.

PP: What trick is your favorite?

Wrobel: My favorite trick is what I call the “Stratosphere.” It uses three balls, but I can’t tell you much more. It’s my favorite mostly because all the kids like that one the best too and it is the first trick I really did.


PP: What do you do on your free time?

Wrobel: I like to hunt, fish, and run!