How to survive high school: Get organized!

As you walk into class, you remember you had homework to do last night. As you open up your binder and frantically search for your work, you see papers from yesterday, two weeks ago, and the beginning of the term. When you think back to last night, you remember finishing your homework, but then you forgot where you put it.

Is it in your folder, or shoved into a pocket?

Is it clipped in with the looseleaf paper?

Did you forget it at home, or is in your locker?

The high school provides each student an assignment notebook at the beginning of the year. There is an area for each day where students can write down their assignments, when they are due, and other notes such as extra curricular activities and activities they have to do after school. By writing down their assignments in their assignment notebook, students are able to look back each night and see what they have to do for homework for a certain class.

“The thing that helps me stay organized the best is writing my assignments down in my assignment notebook. This way, I can look back and see what I have to do for each class and see what it is due,” said freshman Ashley Derus.

One of the best ways to succeed in high school is to have your homework completed and handed in on time. The easiest way to keep track of all of your homework and assignments is to stay organized. For some students, this can be very difficult, especially now that we have switched to the A/B. schedule and students have to keep track of homework for more classes. This leads to having more binders, more folders and more homework.

“I recommend that each day you get a new assignment, you get it completed that night. This way it will not get lost, misplaced or forgotten to get done,” said sophomore Erin Rodenberg.

Each student may have different ways of organizing their assignments. Some students might have two binders, one labeled A Day, and one labeled B Day. Some students may have a separate binder for each class. No matter which way you chose, it is still very easy to lose track of it.

“If you get an assignment for a certain class, you should do it that night because otherwise you will put it off and it will most likely end up not getting done,” said junior Brian Gulbronson.