A/B schedule mixes it up


The new school year has brought some new and huge changes. The normal 4-block schedule has been flipped around and both students and teachers a dealing with with the change.

These changes have both been accepted and denied.

“Personally, I am still struggling,” said English teacher Justice Broker. “I try to give my students as much work time as I can, but it is still a struggle. Both for my students and me, but there are also pros to the schedule. The upperclassmen really get a college experience with this schedule. I wish that we could have the A/B schedule just for upperclassmen while the underclassmen keep the four same classes a day.”

On the other side, some students seem to like the change.

“I really like the A/B schedule” says senior Remington Stittleburg. “I feel like it is really preparing me for the real college schedule. Sometimes I get disorganized, but I always have time to get my homework and projects done. I think that they should keep the schedule next year and the years after that.”

Senior Darren Neimi is also enjoying the schedule, but he says he is having trouble staying organized. “I don’t have eight different colored binders. I end up bringing different binders everywhere. It’s a mess.”

“I absolutely hate the schedule” says sophomore Sabrina Gunning. “With all of my extracurriculars, I am having a lot of trouble keeping up with all of my classes. Even with my easier classes it is difficult to keep up. I know it’s important to stay organized, but I try and really can’t do it. Like I will have a huge project due and small assignments and I will be so focused on, say, my A day projects that I will forget to do my B day assignments. Or I will be standing at my locker, trying to figure out what I need to take home and I will have trouble remembering to bring certain books home.”

Freshmen seem to be enjoying the new schedule.

Freshman Lauren Helstead says that she enjoys it. “There’s more time to do my homework,” said Helstead “and even if I forget to do it, I still have another full day to finish it and get help with the assignment. That is really helping me keep my grades up. It’s a big improvement from middle school. It gives me something new every day instead of having the same class, the same schedule, and the same thing every single day. The only real bad thing I see is that I have trouble staying organized. But otherwise I like it.”

by Lauren Harkner