We’re almost there: Football moves on to Level IV


It’s true: the football team has made it to semi-finals. The team has come a long way this year with 11 wins and no losses after last year’s 1-8 record.The last time they were in this position was in 2000, says athletic director Jim Rufsholm.

The team is watching film and practicing all week to prepare for this battle. “We plan to win this game by being more  physical and discipline at our jobs,” said linebacker Austin Zank.

The team is amped up about level four, but for many seniors this could be their last game. “I’m pretty excited about being this far into the season because it’s my senior year, and I don’t want it to end,” said Stoker.

Their next game will be Friday, November 9 at Carson Park in Eau Claire at 7 p.m.

-by Natasha Hizer