Seniors, freshman look back at first and last

With the 2011-1012 school year winding down to a photo finish, many students at the high school are feeling relieved it’s finally over. Seniors look on to a new beginning elsewhere, while some freshman reflect on their first year in high school.

“It was a good experience,” said senior Tim Nortman. “A lot of really great things happened this year.”

Nortman, however, found that the year wasn’t all peas and carrots. There was work that needed to be done, that sometimes…he just didn’t want to do.

“Oh yeah…there were times when I thought the homework wasn’t worth it. And, sometimes you could get a little flustered–definitely. But, you eventually realize that all the work is worth it,” said Nortman.

Senior Aaron Miles also considered the year to be a success. His time spent with friends is something he cherishes the most.

“Well, ya know, I really enjoyed the year as a whole,” said Miles. “It was a little frustrating at times because I thought the class wasn’t always as close as it should be. But, in the end, it all came together,” said Miles.

For freshman, the year had a different toll. It was a new experience for the students, and, some freshman looked to seniors to help them adjust to the ways of the high school.

“My freshman year was crazy,” said freshman Alanah Reinhart. “I’m definitely ready for it to be summer. I’m just looking forward to hanging out with friends and what not.”

Reinhart was pleasantly surprised to have some some seniors help her with most anything she needed.

“I’m just really glad I got to meet some really great people. Savannah Markee kinda took me under her wing, and that was definitely nice having a senior help me with things. It definitely meant a lot,” said Reinhart.

Freshman Glen White, who also found some senior mentors, thought the seniors could help with a lot of things.

“Well, I just went to my mom and dad [Savannah Markee and Josh Hanson] for, well anything. Having two seniors adopt you and make you feel so welcome is great. I think more seniors should adopt more freshman,” said White.

The year is ending, and that means time for goodbyes. Perhaps White puts it best.

“I’ll miss all the teachers, and, definitely the homework,” said White. “But what I’ll miss the most are my great adoptive parents.”