Lois Corey announces resignation

The Black River Falls School Board will be seeing three new faces in the near future. Board Treasurer Lois Corey who has served on the board since 2002 announced her resignation at the annual board meeting on April 16. In a letter she read aloud at the board meeting, Corey stated there were multiple factors contributing to her resignation.

“Rumors, innuendo and half truths have been rampant along with anonymous letters and inappropriate calls,” Corey said. “Dealing with such behavior only takes energy and time away from making this school district the best it can be.”

Although Corey faced some tough times in the board, many of her years of service were filled with fellowship and cooperation. Fellow board member Mary Jo Rozmenoski thought of Corey as a productive member who always took her role on the board seriously.

“I will remember Lois as a member who was prepared and took her position seriously, always remembering the board code of ethics,” Rozemenoski said. “She always could see the ‘big picture’ with board decisions and had a commitment to board teamwork.”

Board President Ramie Bakken also pointed to Corey’s strong dedication to student success.

“Lois has been consistent in advocating for clear educational objectives, and for the opportunity for all students to have a high quality education,” said Bakken.

Bakken and Rozmenoski both point out how Corey’s creative mindset will be something missed on the board. However, they each look at Corey’s resignation as a sort of opportunity.

“When new members join the board, there is change within our team. I, personally, always view change as an opportunity for improvement,” said Rozmenoski. “I believe we cannot be fixers of the past but together we are creators of the future.”

Bakken looks forward to the change. The Board hasn’t seen three new faces since 2000, so this is a new experience for most members of the school board.

“I am looking forward to working with those newly elected and appointed as well as continuing to work with the other veteran board members. I am confident that we can learn from one another in order to serve the needs of our students,” said Bakken. “Education is always changing, always evolving, always striving for both improvement and innovation, and so I welcome new thoughts and ideas that will benefit students.”

Corey has high hopes for the board’s future. She is sure whoever is appointed will do an excellent job and wishes them the best of luck. She also has a few words of advice for them.

“Do your homework and be informed about matters on the agenda,” said Corey. “Be fair and balance in deliberations with a large dose of common sense.”

The board announced that it would be holding interviews of interested individuals on May 9. The interviews will be open to the public and held in the High School LMC beginning at 4:00.