High school students visit elementary and middle schools to teach kids about important life lessons

Peer Educators is a group of volunteer high school students that perform short skits about bullying, drug and alcohol use, eating healthy, exercising and peer pressure. They perform live for the community elementary schools.“We are split into groups of six or seven, we are told what skit we will be doing, and what grade we will be performing to. Then we practice our skits a few times so we’re familiar with our skit,” said sophomore Emily WardThe groups get time to practice their skit, so they are comfortable with it. Although each skit has a general theme, the ways of presenting the information differ. Each group at random gets picked a skit to present, a grade from the elementary school and the date they will be presenting.

“The skit I’m doing is Middle School Neighbors. I have to do a skit on the lockers, [how to open them] finding a seat during lunch, getting to class on time and bullying. I play a bully, a teacher, and a student. I have more lines than most,” said Ward.

The skit is designed to teach students how to solve an argument and how to deal with bullying.

“I’m in my classroom grading papers when one of my students come up to me, reporting that they have just been called names and pushed into the lockers. At the end, my job is to bring both kids together, have them sit down and talk to each other, so the situation can be resolved,” said sophomore Shawnna Clark.

Newcomers have a tendency to become nervous during their first performance, but for those like Ward, performing is nothing new.

“Since I was in Peer Educators freshman year, I don’t get as nervous. I’ll get little butterflies before going in front of all the kids, just because there’s so many, but I’m just so happy and excited to be doing it,” said Ward.

For Emily, she enjoys performing for the kids; their excitement is what makes her perform stronger.

“Yeah [I enjoy acting for kids]. They get really excited when we’re getting ready to start, their smiles and applause make me do my absolute best. They’re so happy at the end, because we came and did that for them,” said Ward.

Clark feels the same way about performing.

“I love performing for the elementary school kids,” said Clark. ‘When we come out to start our play they clap, smile and cheer. It just makes me feel like I’m back in Cheer, and Dance Team. They want to be educated and entertained, so I make sure I do my best, to give them what I practiced for.”