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Schjeldahl strives for EMT at 17

Becoming a certified EMT at 17 is something no one has ever accomplished in Wisconsin. However, senior Audra Schjeldahl is currently in the process of accomplishing that feat, and according to certified EMT Amy Appel, what Audra’s doing requires a lot of drive and dedication.“She’s a go-getter. She doesn’t give up, she doesn’t whine. You know, any of those things that makes it hard to work with somebody, or make it difficult for the person themselves to complete tasks,” said Appel.

For Schjeldahl, the drive to become an EMT wasn’t something she just woke up with one morning.

“I want to be in the army… and I want to be able to save somebody’s life. So I kind of went in there [EMT Class] thinking, it’s no big deal–it won’t really matter,” said Schjeldahl.

But after Schjeldahl experienced her first call, she was hooked.

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“My first call wasn’t that big of a deal, but when my pager went off my heart started beating, I started shaking, and I flew down to the station,” said Schjeldahl, “and from then on I, was hooked.”

Not only does Schjeldahl show a strong passion for her work, she is willing to constantly strive for more knowledge.

“She always stepped in and did what she needed to do, or asked. She asked a lot of questions both prior to going to the patient’s house and after the call,” said Appel.

Schjeldahl is also one to make sure everything is done right.

“She was real willing to analyze how the call went as far as if we did everything right, if we forgot anything, anything like that,” said Appel.

The work of an EMT is tough, and Schjeldahl will be facing many challenges.

“There’s two big areas of challenge, one is physical and one is mental. Despite being in really good shape, it’s hard work–it’s physically demanding,” said Appel. “It is also very emotionally demanding, and it’s one of the top reasons people stop, so her challenge will be to remain strong, physically and mentally.”

Schjeldahls’s drive doesn’t end at the process of becoming an EMT. This year, Appel and Schjeldahl worked to make local hospitalized veterans’ holiday seasons brighter.

“This year, I did the Christmas drive for hospitalized veterans. That was awesome. Basically, what we did is gather Christmas presents. We brought them to the VA [Veterans Affairs], and they are going to be getting them on Friday for Christmas,” said Schjeldahl.

Appel recognizes the work Schjeldahl put into the Christmas drive and notes the persistence Schjeldahl so often displays.

“She displayed that go-getter attitude. She did a lot of work, [and] she raised a lot of money for the cause. And if it wasn’t for her, we would not have nearly as much of a donation as we were able to deliver,” said Appel.

Realizing Schjeldahl will be leaving eventually, Appel is happy to have gotten the chance to work with her.

“I’m real proud to have gotten the chance to meet Audra and gotten the chance to work with her, even if she’s leaving and going on bigger adventures,” said Appel. “I’m glad I got the chance to work with her.”

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Schjeldahl strives for EMT at 17