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FCCLA blood drive a success

Every year at the high school, FCCLA students and staff help out to organize a blood drive for those who are at loss without a donation.

“We’ve held a blood drive here for eight years plus. We start a year in advance to give Red Cross time to get ready to come to our school,” said Tina Gilbertson.

Many students at the high school are willing to help out during the drive. For many it may be their first time giving, and although nerves build up, they are still ready to give.  Many staff members are grateful enough to donate every year.

“I think it’s fantastic that the students do it although they get nervous at first, they come to find out that it’s fast and not that bad. We have a real great loyal staff that donates every year,” said Gilbertson.

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Gilbertson once also needed blood. She is willing to help anyone that is in need.

“I give every year. I think giving blood is a very simple thing, doesn’t cost anything, and it can save three lives. I enjoy helping out.  If It was for me or a family member, I would hope someone would help me, too,” said Gilbertson.

This year the high school gave 53 units.

“It was really successful this year. It makes me proud, and it feels great,” said Gilbertson.

Jeff Bradson, a former Black River Falls resident, was one that also needed blood, and dealt with many complications.

“ I  was actually having problems over the summer of 2010. The problems I  was having were always on and off. One day it would hurt the next not so much. When I started to have problems I was not eating as much as I was, I didn’t like to go out anywhere. I got massive headaches. I was just not fun to be around,” said Bradson. “I had a loss of blood, discolored blood, I was puking blood, and going to the bathroom and would find blood.I was always dizzy. Getting up and moving around was something I just couldn’t do without help. I could be up for seconds then start to tip. I was always feeling weak. I made sure to drink lots of water, eat healthy.”

Bradson’s feelings towards what he was going through wasn’t as hard as the reactions his family was giving. He went through quite the same experience to the people close to him.

“My father, cousin, and an old friend of mine are the only close people to me that I’m aware of. I’ve seen them in a bad condition. I was really sad how they would ask for help but, nothing I could personally do. I been through the sadness and just take it. Through my time,  I wouldn’t dare cry, I didn’t want to worry my family anymore then they already were,” said Bradson.

Even though Bradson didn’t show as much emotion, he believed if it was his time he’d be fine with dying.

“Sitting in the hospital, having doctors and my family surrounding me, I started to give up hope, and thought there was nothing that could be done. I didn’t want to leave my family. But I have a great family, met everyone, even had three grandchildren. My life seemed complete, that I was okay to die,” Bradson.

Luckily Bradson is doing much better, and is making up for the things he missed out on.

“I’m doing so much better than I was. Each day I get and feel stronger than I was. I’m able to be up doing things, going places. Things that I wasn’t able to do a year ago. It makes it easier for my family to be around not seeing me in the condition I was in,” said Bradson.

Although he went through a tough time, he is thankful that people are so generous to help out those in need. Especially the students.

“I’m very grateful that the students are taking a role in helping in their community, they’re not being selfish thinking ‘well I don’t know the person so why should I?’ or ‘I just don’t care, so, no.’ But I’m glad that there were many willing to help those in need. The staff at the high school has always been so kind and willing to do anything they could to help out others within the community. I’m just blessed and grateful that there are such great people in the community.”

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FCCLA blood drive a success