02.23.10 Administration Update

Two gang officers from Madison and Officer Mike Johnson from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department will be speaking about the recent increase in gang activity in the area on February 25 at a school-wide assembly.

The schedule for that day will be the same as the last two assemblies we have had. Also, students will be sitting with advisers.

“In order for us to assure that the behavior is appropriate for assemblies, we have gone back to the adviser setup,” said Principal Tom Chambers, “It has been very, very good, I think, for the past three or four assemblies we have had.”

Two years ago during the Veteran’s Day assembly, students were allowed to sit wherever they wanted. With that, it brought students to be disrespectful during the assembly. Adviser seating is now in effect.

“We give it not as a punishment, but as a way to help kids get more out of the assembly,” said Chambers.