Teacher Spotlight: Mary Byrns

Mary Burns moved to Black River Falls with her family for a new environment and has lived here for twenty-eight years. She started teaching here last year, working at both the middle and high schools.

“I teach Introduction to Business. It was a course that didn’t have a teacher, so I was assigned to be the teacher, and I love it. It’s my favorite class!” said Byrns. “I like the school a lot. I like that there is a lot of variety.”

It’s always a scary feeling going from the middle school to high school for students and teachers, especially if you’re new.

“I taught middle school in Sparta, and I was nervous to come into a high school. I just wanted to do a good job and have good lesson plans that my students would like,” said Byrns. “Since I was in middle school I didn’t know the expectations of high school kids.”

Before teaching, Byrns was coaching some sports, which is how she became more comfortable being in the school.

“I’ve coached sports at the school, and met some students,” she said. “…many of them are unbelievably crazy, in a good way.”

Three months into the school year and Byrns is still going strong.

“So far this year has been going great! I’m glad I’m making it through!”