Booster Shirts

 We all heard what was said at the assembly, we all know what the rules were, so why did the whole situation not work out?

 On January 14, we had an assembly to explain how the new tiger spirit shirts would be given out. Athletic Director Tom Leadholm made it very clear that kids were not supposed to get the shirts and then leave. There were a few more students in attendance at the game later that night than usual, but it wasn’t even close to the number of shirts that were handed out. Why is this? I’m not sure if kids just wanted a cool t-shirt, or if they just decided to go against the rules. If the point was to give out free t-shirts, then the process would have been done during the school day. There was a reason why the boosters wanted this to happen during a game; it was to promote student spirit at sporting events.

 The actual shirt distribution could have been handled better. Originally, the shirts were to be handed out at 6:15. By 6:00 (when the JV girls game started) half of the shirts were already gone. Without adults there to assist the distribution, the process did not go as smoothly.

  But it just makes me cringe that people would have the nerve to take extra shirts and then not show up to any games or matches. There were some people that got shirts that don’t even attend Black River Falls High School. For some reason they were still given a shirt. They really weren’t free, as the Athletic Booster Club had to pay for all of them. It could have went much smoother if everyone was on the same page in knowing what the shirts were being handed out for; for school spirit, and not just to get rid of them because they were “free.”

 This whole situation really wasn’t just one person’s fault. It came to be because of a lot of different events. The thing that it most disheartening is the fact that the students didn’t listen or do the right thing. Hopefully next time that there is an event similar to this, students will chose to do the right thing.