With Class: Intro to Business

“I would really recommend taking Intro to Business, or any classes that Mrs. Finch or Mrs. Byrns offer because they’re both really great teachers,” said former Intro to Business student, senior Kaitlyn Dvorak.Intro to Business is a class that provides students a wide array of projects and activities while also giving them a base into the business world. The class is taught by Mary Byrns, a second year teacher here who enjoys providing students a variety of subject matter.

“[The kids really enjoy] the variety they get–they seem to really like the current event quizzes,” said Byrns.

To be successful, people have to be aware of what is happening in the world. Being offered the current event quizzes, as well as the variety of projects is, to many, enjoyable and beneficial.

“I really enjoyed the types of ownership of businesses, creating projects and running your own business,” said Dvorak.

Not only do students enjoy those portions of the class, but Byrns believes those portions of the class are important and worthwhile. These subjects help prepare students for the business world, and can help to explain the complexity of business.

“[The reason I teach Intro to Business is] to give some introductory concepts about business and explain the many facets of business,” Byrns said.

If you’re interested in Intro to Business, the class is a one term elective offered to grades 9-12. It generally includes students from many grades– so seniors are just as welcome as freshmen. Intro to business can help build a solid foundation for future BRFHS business classes.

“I mean, let’s be honest,” said Dvorak, “business is a part of everything.”