School Board Update

The School Board meeting on February 15 was a record-breaker. Lasting nearly four hours, the meeting was loaded with life-altering and emotional issues.

Junior Emiley Rios of Student Senate reported to the Board on the Senate’s ideas concerning CORE Math and random drug testing. CORE Math is in question as to its effectiveness in preparing students for post-secondary education. The Senate is also discussing a pledge that participants in extra-curricular activities would be obligated to sign stating that they would avoid the use of drugs.

The Board also discussed accepting a $25,000 anonymous donation from a community member that would guarantee fulltime positions for two current high-school teachers for at least another year.

A girl’s high school hockey team was also approved by the Board and community members weighed in on the pros and cons of block scheduling versus traditional (six or eight period days).

The school board meets on the third Monday of every month at the District Office.