Athlete Spotlight

Senior Savannah and sophomore Kate Hegna recently became conference champs at number one doubles. They are the Lady Tiger Tennis players that have doubled up to created a dynamic duo.

Both started playing tennis at young age. Savannah’s mother was a tennis athlete and all of Hegna’s sisters played tennis, so it’s no surprise that the two would someday play tennis themselves.


They first started playing together at the start of this season, but have always been friends.

“We are great friends on and off the court, so that helps…and our communication is great,”  Savannah said.

The girls spend a lot of time together and consider each other sisters.

“We do just about everything together,” Savannah said.

The two have really enjoyed their season together and only expect to go up from here.

“To State!” Hegna said.

The two had practice almost every day after school for the season, but besides that are very active in the school and community. Both participate in band, Savannah as a student director, and Hegna as section leader for the clarinets. Besides that, they are in other groups like Peer Educators, choir and are active in church groups. They also keep high grades in school and display leadership quailities.

Savannah and Hegna had subsectionals October 3. Like any game this was a challenge for the two but they both put in the practice for chance to compete. The two ultimately went down in three sets, but Savannah had only positive things to say about the season.

“The season was extremely fun,” said Savannah . “I love all the girls and will remember the memories we made for the rest of my life.”