I Saw

You may not see me, but I see you,
doing those terrible things that you do.
You can’t deny it, I saw what you did.
You and your friends ganged up on that kid.
It wasn’t fair, he did nothing wrong,
but I guess you’ve known that all along.
Going through the day, running through the motions
as he tried to sort out all his emotions.
Put on his mask and built up his wall
against the taunting, ignoring it all.
You didn’t like his hair, made fun of his clothes,
you pointed and laughed and stuck up your nose.
He tried to ignore you, tried to walk away,
but you pestered and bullied, forced him to stay.
Lies! You knew that he had a knife,
the one that he used to take his own life.
I know you noticed the scars on his skin,
lining his arms, so long and so thin.
You are the reason he bought the blade
that he pressed to his arm and made the pain fade.
Fade far away for temporary relief.
His own paradise, no matter how brief.
Maybe he’d be alive if you weren’t so rough
because the cutting and slicing just wasn’t enough.
He had to cut deeper because the pain was more real.
He tried so hard, not wanting to feel.
When his pain subsided, the blood kept flowing,
life slipping away, his heartbeat slowing.
He never fit in, no matter how hard he tried
and because of your torments, this young boy died.
I saw what you did, but never stepped in.
I, too, was trying so hard to fit in.
I heard the false rumors and numerous jeers.
What stopped me from helping was just my own fears.
Fear that your focus would switch over to me;
I’d become the outcast that he seemed to be.
I watched it happen, but I stayed silent,
watching the group grow large and more violent.
No one speaks up, they just go along
with every bash that’s made by the throng.
Anyone could have helped, like a beacon in the night,
admitting our wrongs and show us the light.
When he disappeared, no one seemed to care.
At his funeral, only a few loved ones were there.
You pretend it’s not real, that you’re not to blame
because very deep down, we all feel the shame.
I know what I saw and you can bet
you may not remember, but I’ll never forget.