34 Seniors Are Doing What?

This year, how many seniors will leave school during the second semester? Now, the rumors can be put to rest with the facts, but there will still be speculation surrounding early graduation at BRFHS.

“I’m graduating April 1 and I’m really excited,” said senior Ashley Engebretson.

Engebretson is one of 34 seniors that will graduate either after second or third term this school year; that is around a third of the class of 2011 at BRFHS. It seems staggering and the question we want to ask is ‘Why?’

“I need to make money for college, so I’m going to work at CCU for the spring,” said Engebretson.

So it seems that there are many explanations to why a senior would cut their last year short. However on the other side of the story, why is the majority of the senior class passing on getting out of here?

“I’m not [going to graduate early] because I’m going to play golf in the spring,” said senior Byron Finck.

Spring sports will keep quite a few students in school through June because a student must be enrolled actively in order to participate in a sport or activity. There is another reason for staying that some seniors might not even consider at first.

“I can’t graduate early because I don’t have enough credits because I transferred in the middle of high school,” said senior Allissa Braden.

Another arrangement made by few seniors is to go through basic training in the military.

“I’m graduating after second term to enter the Army. I’m going to Missouri for basic training February 21,” said senior Tyler Ewert.

At moments, some seniors can be critical of the choices of others, however future plans are unique to everyone.

“It [graduating early] is a great option, but not for me because I’m in Track,” said senior Dalton Ebert.

Early graduation has been an option for students at BRFHS for a long time.

“It has always been pretty popular,” said principal Thomas Chambers, “and with our block schedule it’s even easier to earn the credits by the end of second term.”

How does it affect the school, administration, and/or district?

“Funding for the district is not affected because student counts are done in early September and early January, before seniors start to graduate,” said Chambers, “however when seniors start graduating teacher loads are affected, so we might not need as many teachers at that time.”

There are endless opinions that come from the senior class about this controversial subject, but the main idea is to enjoy yourself, no matter where you spend the work/school week.

“I would rather enjoy senior year than graduate early. I also get to take a lot of cool classes this year,” said Braden.