Fire at Club Twilight

Club Twilight, known to locals as “Thunderbird Roller Rink,” and “home of the lock-in’s,” built in 1921, was reported on fire, around 11:45 p.m. Sunday night. There were forty-seven firefighters on scene which made the team of nine fire and rescue departments who were on scene until around 5:00 Monday morning.

According to the January 10 press release from Black River Falls Fire Departments’ Chief Steve Schreiber, the following teams were on scene: Hatfield Fire Department, Hatfield 1st Responders, Black River Falls Fire Department, Merrillan Fire Department, Alma Center Fire Department, Hixton Fire Department, Melrose Fire Department, City Point Fire Department and Black River Emergency Medical Service.

According to Schreiber, there were no injuries and the property is insured. The building has heavy water and smoke damage and moderate fire damage.

The water used to put the fire out was brought from Black River Falls and the village of Merrillan because Hatfield has no fire hydrants.

Though the fire was declared ‘out’ around 2:00 that morning, the nine fire and rescue teams left around 5 a.m.