Katrina’s Theory on People

Some people have theories people, life, love, etc. I have a theory about people. Here it is–people either look like animals, celebrities, or possibly both.

I know exactly when my whole theory started–in 7th grade science with Mr. Dutton. I was just sitting there thinking that he reminded me of someone, and I realized that he reminds me of Captain Underpants.

Here are some examples of my theory at work:

  • Our beloved English teacher, Mr. Wallin, reminds me of a bulldog, (I was sitting in English 11 last year and realized, OMG he looks like a BULLDOG!)
  • Mrs. Halverson reminds me of a cross between Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.
  • Taylor Lautner looks like an Alpaca.

I sit in class sometimes and I will look at someone and have this feeling of déjà vu, and I’ll just feel like he looks like someone. It will bother me until I finally figure out of whom he reminds me. For me, figuring out who someone looks like is my Sudoku puzzle, and it feels great when I finally finish the puzzle.

My theory has certainly caused some problems along the way. Remember what I said about sitting in 7th grade science with Mr. Dutton? The night of that discovery, I came home and told my mom that he reminded me of Captain Underpants. At the time my mom was working at all three elementary schools, she thought it would be funny to tell his wife, Mrs. Dutton, also a teacher, that I thought he looked like Captain Underpants! For me it was a very embarrassing moment. The first thing that went through my head after my mom told me she’d told Mrs. Dutton, was, “Oh My Gosh, what if she tells him?”. To this day I still don’t know if she ever told him, but if she did he didn’t get too upset: he never pulled me aside or anything.

One day last quarter in my Parent and Child class I was sitting there thinking about the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars. I always knew that Matt Windsor reminded me of someone, but I had no idea who. Until I randomly thought about Toby and realized Matt kind of looked like him. Success–I finally figured it out!

Last year when I went to go see Charlie St.Cloud, one of Charlie’s friends, Sully, reminded me of someone. I was listening to his voice and looking at his face, and had a flashback to Spiderman [yeah, I realize that I’m a loser for liking superheroes], and realized that I’d heard as similar voice to Sully’s and seen as similar face, only after the movie did I find out why the voice and face sounded familiar. The guy who plays Sully is James Franco’s little bro. I had no idea he even had a little brother.

Now that you know about my theory, you can feel free to talk to me about it whenever you see me. Sometimes when I tell people about my theory they want me to tell them who I think they look like, however like I explained it’s not always that easy. But, I’d be more than happy to talk to anyone who has some of their own versions of my theory [If you realize someone reminds you of a celeb or animal feel free to tell me about it.]. I always love hearing new ones.