Suiting up for the Classroom

We all know there are some classrooms in this school that are always freezing, and others that are always ungodly hot.

These are the rooms that you will want to make sure you have a fleece or sweatshirt and possibly some mittens, if you’re always cold.

“The band room, Dawn Peterson’s room [math Peterson], and Mr. Klos’s current room are all very cold,” said junior Leah Pennekamp.

┬áJames Klos’s room tends to be really cold because it used to be the I-TV room and it just doesn’t get very warm in there.

“I think Mr. Rykken’s room, Mrs. Wojo’s room and math Peterson’s room are all really cold,” said junior Kelsey Casper.

Dawn Peterson’s room is so cold because she has a vent in the ceiling that blows out cold air.

“In my opinion Mr. Rukavina’s room, all the hallways, Mrs. Peterson’s room, and Mrs. Perry’s room are the coldest rooms in the school,” said junior Lindsey Breheim.

These are the hot rooms, you should definetly consider layering if you have one of these hot or cold rooms on your schedule.

“I think the west gym, choir room, and Mrs.G’s room are the warmest,” said Pennekamp.

The choir room tends to be very warm not only because of the large amounts of people that get packed into the room, but also because the boiler room is right below. It’s the worst at the very beginning of school and at the end.

“I think that the warmest rooms are Mrs. Duvall’s, the locker rooms, and the boiler room,” said Breheim.

Some people say the choir room is bipolar, because if you’re on the alto/bass side, its freezing, and if you’re on the soprano/tenor side, you’re roasting.

“The hottest rooms are the ‘Shake N’ Bake’ [the practice room in the choir room], Mr. Colburn’s room, and the west gym,” said Casper.

Here’s a suggestion: consider layering in the event of being scheduled with more than one of these classrooms.