Matthew Puttbrese: AKA Putter

With hockey just getting underway, there are some players that really stick out. One of those players would be sophomore Matthew Puttbrese. Everybody that knows him calls him Putter.

Putter plays a lot of sports, including football, hockey and golf.

“My favorite out of these three would have to be hockey, because you can hit people and if you get in a fight, it’s not that big of a deal. It really relieves my stress,” said Putter.

Putter has been playing hockey for 13 years. He has a lot of good times in all of his sports, but there is only one favorite moment in hockey.

“My favorite moment was being under the almighty Joel Millis’s wing. He taught me some things that I’m surprised that I could live without. He is the greatest,” said Putter.