Five Questions with Mrs. Wojo

Many of us know her, but very few of us can say her full last name, let alone spell it. We all know her as Mrs. Wojo, (mostly because it’s easier to say) She is the only chemistry and physics teacher in our school.

Q: What’s your favorite element and why?

A: “Strontium, Sr, because it makes the bright red fireworks that make the red color,” said chemistry and physics teacher Donna Wojciechowski [see what I mean about the spelling?].

Q: If you had to smell one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

A: “Wintergreen mints, because that smell/flavor is a compound called iso amyl acetate. It gives it the smell/flavor. It also happens to be in rootbeer and pepto-bismol,” said Wojo.

Q: What’s your favorite unit to teach in Chemistry and why?

A: “I love teaching chemical reactions because I teach it with both math and pictures, So it gives the visual learners a chance to actually see what’s happening, plus it gives a chance to color and draw!” said Wojo.

Q: What is your favorite store to shop at in the mall, and which mall is your favorite to shop in?

A: “Williams-Sonoma, in the Mall of America–it’s full of lots of cool cooking stuff,” said Wojo.

Q: What’s your favorite piece of technology in your classroom?

A: “Gizmos, they are online simulations. I got it as part of a STEM [Science Technology Engineering and Math] grant. In the midwest region, we were one out of probably five nationwide STEM groups that’s been approved by the education department,” said Wojo. She also talked about how anyone can use the website. It has math and science simulations, so you could use it to study for chem, for that big math test coming up or even to brush up on some science and math skills before you take the ACT or SAT.