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Scheduling Talk: Onalaska Option

Contrary to popular belief, traditional and block schedules are not the only choices for our high school. There is one that has a twist on both styles that we will refer to as the “Onalaska Schedule” because it is currently used at Onalaska High School.

This type of schedule has a mix of eight 45 minute classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, along with four 85 minute block classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Study halls are also incorporated into students’ weekly class schedules; Onalaska High School calls the traditional study time resource. The idea of the Onalaska Schedule may seem somewhat busy at first glance; however it makes sense for many reasons. High school core classes may need more time to prepare, complete, and follow-up with lab assignments, therefore those classes will benefit from block days within the regular school week. Field trips will also fit nicely into block days.

On the other end of the spectrum, traditional 45 minute classes work great for music students. The reason is that the time in one block is too much for a choir or band to rehearse at one time.

Some may already know that Onalaska High School starts their school day earlier in the morning. First hour begins at 7:23 on a regular school day and eighth hour concludes at 2:35. If the district of Black River Falls decided to go with the Onalaska Schedule, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we would have to start our days earlier. If we did, it would actually make arrangements more difficult for many students, parents, and staff.

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Below is an example of the Onalaska Schedule


1st        7:23-8:08

2nd        8:12-8:57

3rd        9:01-9:48

4th        9:52-10:37

Resource A 10:37-10:51 5th 10:40-11:25 5th 10:40-11:25
Lunch A 10:51-11:21 Resource B 11:25-11:39 6th 11:20-12:13
5th 11:24-12:09 Lunch B 11:39-12:09 Resource C 12:13-12:27
6th 12:12-12:57 6th 12:12-12:57 Lunch C 12:27-12:57


7th        1:01-1:46

8th        1:50-2:35

“Extended Learning Schedule” Wednesday/Thursday

½         7:23-8:48

¾         8:54-10:19


Resource A 10:19-10:30 Class 10:22-11:07 Class 10:22-11:47
Lunch A 10:30-11:00 Lunch B 11:07-11:40 Resource C 11:47-11:58
Class 11:03-12:28 Class 11:43-12:28 Lunch C 11:58-12:28


7/8       12:32-1:57

Resource          2:00-2:35

Wednesdays: Students attend classes 1, 3, 5, 7

Thursdays: Students attend classes 2, 4, 6, 8

Taken as a whole, the Onalaska Schedule is a unique option for our school district to consider.

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Scheduling Talk: Onalaska Option