Picture a Day

Remembering things from day-to-day can be a difficult task, but Levi Miles has come up with a fun way to accomplish just that.

As a way to remember just about everything from his senior year of high school, Miles has been taking a picture each day and posting it on Facebook for everyone to see. For how cool this album is, it was a pure accident.

“I don’t really know how I got the idea,” said Miles. “I took a picture the first day of school and the second day of school, and on the third day of school I made it a point to take a picture. I just thought it would be really cool.”

Miles has since posted a picture on Facebook every single day, since September 1st, 2009, and isn’t showing signs of stopping.

“One of my favorite pictures is of Aaron’s birthday cake (day 16),” said Miles. “That was particularly interesting.”

Miles really enjoys taking all of the pictures as well. He believes that it could become a fun tradition for everyone and thinks people should do it as well.

“It (taking a picture everyday) helps you remember day to day activities,” said Miles. “It’s also fun because lots of people can look at it, even if their not friends with you on Facebook.”