Dancers Make Their Way to Tomah

The winter is a frigid time for people in Wisconsin. At BRFHS, students are tied up with wrestling, hockey and basketball. Some students are taking their talents not only to those sports, but also to the dance floor.

“Marylin School of Dance, it’s a dance studio in Black River Falls and Tomah, and they have different types of classes like ballet, jazz, and tap, and hip hop, and modern classes. I think they also have classes like ballroom and couples classes for adults,” said senior dancer Elizabeth Cook.

A few students from our high school are going to Tomah to learn unique types of dance. There are many types of dance the students can choose from in Tomah, students have different preferences in the type of dance.

“I like jazz, because ballet is just about your position and turn out and all about you, but in jazz you can just move,” said freshman dancer Sheena Voge.

Jazz and hip-hop are two common favorites among students from Black River Falls who go to the dance class in Tomah. The birthplace of jazz has many origins: New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis and Kansas City are just a few. New Orleans remains the main influence on the origin of jazz. Jazz can be dated back to the 1900’s. Hip-hop on the other hand is fairly new and started around the 1970’s.

“They’re all fun, I like our lyrical jazz class because it is challenging and its things that I have never done before,” said Cook. “But our hip-hop class is fun because it’s a big workout class so its challenging as well, but in a different way.”

Students enjoy driving to Tomah to take dance class, but they have to be committed with the amount of hours and late nights they put into it.

“Emily Dunniesen, Micayla Cork, and I have three classes every Wednesday night. We leave at 5:30 and get home at 10:00,” said Cook.

The dancers have to learn how to balance their time due to the long trek to Tomah.

“I take classes in Tomah because in Black River Falls they only offer classes for little girls, and not upper level classes. In the classes that I’m taking its all high school students, we are the only three from Black River Falls; the rest are from Tomah High School,” said Cook.

For the dancers they have different reasons for why they got involved in dance class.

“Well I took a class in eighth grade. My friend Emily got me into it because she has been dancing many more years than I have,” said Cook.

“When I was little I always wanted to be a ballerina, and my mom took me to see Sleeping Beauty,” said Voge.

Voge not only attends class but also teaches youngsters dance on Mondays in Black River. She finds it fun to help the young girls learn to dance.