Administration Update

Greg Koch and R5 had made their appearances stating that we should follow our dreams and not judge someone by their cover. With one more assembly on the way, principal Tom Chambers hopes that students get the message.

“I hope that they[students] get the message that despite all the stress a teenager has to deal with today between school, social issues and all the things going on with the economy and everything that a kid deals with now a days,” said Chambers, “there is hope in there and there are a lot of people and systems out there to support kids that don’t make the right kind of decisions.”

The last assembly that will take place on February 25, focusing on gang activity.

“We are working together with the Ho-Chunk Nation, Madison police and with the local law enforcement agencies around here,” said Chambers, ” Because we have had an increase in gang activity here in the county and state. We’ve seen some of that here in the school [as well]. ”

The third assembly is to educate people of what the signs are of people trying to get kids involved in gangs and what the signs are with people who are in gangs. Also if you are in a gang, what the ways are you can get yourself out of it.