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Student Soldiers: Seniors Join the Military

Most people go into the military for one of three reasons: for the free college education, for the experience in general or simply because being in the military is a very stable job. In what other field can you retire at 40?

 “I decided to go into the military because I knew that I would have a job for 20 years, and that they wouldn’t leave me ‘high and dry’,” said senior Tyler Ewert.

 “I’m going into the marines because I didn’t want to go to college right away. I will do my 4 years and get out, and then go to college,” said senior Lucas Mathews.

 Recruiters are a big part of the military, they can help you decide which branch to go into, and in some cases greatly influence people’s branch decisions.

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 “I chose to go into the army, mostly because of the recruiter but also because of my older brother, Matt,” said Ewert.

 Some people just sign up for the military and do a couple of tours, and then they’re done, however their are others who decide to make a career of it.

 “Yes, I am going to make a career in the Marines, they have really good benefits, not only for myself but for my future family as well,” said senior Sharonna Burright.

 Sometimes people can be influenced not only by the recruiters but also by family members who are in the military.

 “It was my own choice to go into the Army. But I have a 22 year old sister who is a medic in the airforce and a brother, Matt, who’s 20 years old and in the Army, he’s a prison guard for the Army. We just picked up my sister on Tuesday, she just came back from Afghanistan,” said Ewert.

 When people go into the military they usually change at least a little bit.

 “I think it will change me because it will teach me more respect, responsibility and a lot of integrity,” said Ewert.

 For pretty much everyone going into the military, it helps them to better themselves.

 “I think it will make me a better person,” said Burright.

 For some people going into the military it is something they have always wanted to do.

 “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I really like helping people, it was either being a doctor or serving my country,” said Burright.

 When you go into the military they can pay for your schooling, a lot of people who can’t afford college on their own will enlist so that they can have college paid for.

 “If I don’t use the money for college through the G.I. Bill I can pass it down to my family,” said Burright.

 For some people the paying of college through the military is just an added bonus.

 “I went in to the Army for the job, and to take advantage of college, for me it was just an extra bonus,” said Ewert. “While in the army I will be taking criminal justice, human behavioral, psychology and leadership classes.”

 The feelings about being scared to go to war are varying, some are scared and some aren’t.

 ” No, I’m not really scared, I feel like I will be ready after being trained,” said Mathews.

 One of the major worries for people who go into the military is that when they come back their family members (small children especially) won’t remember them when they come back.

 “It depends on the situation were in, I’m scared of being away from my family, especially my little sister, I’m afraid she won’t remember me when I get back,” said Burright.

 Most parents have varying feelings when it comes to them finding out that their child is choosing to go into the military.

 “At first my dad hated it, but my mom was my supporter from the start. Eventually my dad came around to it, after he realized that I was really going to do it,” said Burright.

 “My dad really likes it, and my mom likes that I’m going into the military, but she doesn’t like that I’m going into the infantry,” said Mathews.

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Student Soldiers: Seniors Join the Military