The Pursuit of Ping Pong

This year, some of our students have been interested in getting a Ping Pong Club at Black River Falls High School.

Some students in the Student Senate brought this idea up and a lot of people have responded to the idea. Earlier this year they went around to the school and had a petition for the club.

” Our school needs a ping pong club; it is long over due,” said junior Aaron Miles.

Ping Pong is a fun and easy game to have around to play with friends and some even take it to another level and get very competitive. A big question is if there will be enough people that will want to join and participate in the club.

” I believe tons of people will play, it may be the greatest game ever,” said junior Alex Johnson.

A lot of people have been playing ping pong for a long time. A lot of people play at a some friends houses like the Millis’s, Helstad’s, and Mahan’s. These are spots that the club could take place or also at the school.

Each of the places have different tables and surroundings. At the Mahan’s residence, the pong table is in the basement and in its own room. It has some good obstacles, but over all a great place to play.

In the Millis’s house, their ping pong table is set up in its own spot in a garage with a lot of room.

“You can really have some nice shots at Jord’s pong table,” said Johnson.

At the Helstad’s home, the ping pong table is set up in their basement.

“I really like how they have chairs and a table so you can watch who is playing,” said Miles.

Along from where you would play is what type of equipment you would need for the ping pong club. You would need a ping pong paddle and some ping pong balls.

There are a lot of different types of paddles and balls. They vary in shape, size, weight and brands.

” It doesn’t really matter, but if I had to choose it would definitely be a butterfly,” said Miles.

The butterfly ping pong paddle seemed to be a big time favorite to play with. A lot of the professional ping pong players use the butterfly paddle and now a lot of ping pong players now use them, too.

Beside from the paddle, their are many different types of ping pong balls out there. Some people are very picky about what type of ball that they play with.

” I am a big believer in using the Viper 5 star ball, it is the best ball out there,” said junior Huston Mahan.

Other people don’t really care what they use as long as they get to play ping pong.

” I prefer using balls that are round and bounce good on a solid table,” said Johnson.

The Ping Pong Club idea is still up in the air.